The term 'Nowtopia' is increasingly used by both activists and academics to describe a variety of interconnected tendencies. It can, for instance, apply to a new politics of work, seeking freedom outside the confines of wage labour, or the creation of liberated common space in the here and now.

Nowtopia is a short film made in Brno, the Czech Republic's second largest city, and inspired by the community economies approach of J.K. Gibson-Graham and the economic utopianism of the Degrowth movement.

It explores the multiplicity of nowtopian alternatives through three community-based projects: a maker space, a community bike workshop, and an urban garden. The short film includes interviews with Chris Carlsson, author of Nowtopia: How Pirate Programmers, Outlaw Bicyclists, and Vacant-Lot Gardeners are Inventing the Future Today! and Nadia Johanisova, expert in heterodox economics and eco-social enterprise.

The film was launched as part of the Community Economies Research Network (CERN) Liviana Conference on the 12th November 2020. Details here.

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